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Having the right data at hand enables hospital quality to improve care, patient safety and hospital reputation

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 Deliver faster results for
Continuous Improvement Programs

Transform raw data into actionable intelligence

"Data, data, data.  I cannot make bricks without clay..."

Sherlock Holmes

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Too much noise!

An average nurse can experience over 1,000 alert notifications per shift!

75% - 99% of notifications are false or unnecessary

All of this "noise" affects patient safety and the quality of patient care.

source:  PubMed (Susan Sendelback, Marjorie Funk)

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Caresight improves
nursing operations,
patient experience,
and safety

Decision Support Data to Drive Programs

CareSight improves
several of the key responsibilities in hospital quality organizations

And simplifies other tasks
that can prove challenging

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Alarm Fatigue

Dramatically reduce false alarms, unnecessary escalations, broadcast noise, and overall alarm quantity

See how other organizations have quieted their environment


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Risk increases when alarm fatigue desensitizes staff

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Improved Safety

Fall prevention initiatives benefit from
seeing various conditions that typically
precede these events.

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Regulatory Compliance

Track all critical metrics and be prepared with reports that satisfy regulations without having to scramble or wrestle with formatting.

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Patient Experience

Turning down the noise gives nursing teams more quality time with patients and keeps the whole environment more peaceful for better outcomes.

Decision Support for Alarm Committees

With the right data, sorted and presented the right way, Alarm Committees can quickly make an impact.

Useful data is being thrown away

Unused data can provide critical insight to improve safety and operations

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of data is used by 
the EMR system


of data is clinically
significant by discarded

Alarm Analytics is like an
endoscope for your alarm/alert environment!

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Data is collected and correlated
to diagnose the conditions and
causes of extraneous alarms,
and model the impact of changes.

Patient Care

The practice of transforming raw data from medical devices into actionable intelligence. 

Leading Organizations are using CareSight

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Reduction of urgently
broadcasted codes

Decrease in Average Voice Response

Reduction of respiratory leads off notification

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