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 Continuous Improvement Programs deliver 
results, quickly, when the right data is available.

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80% - 99%

Of alarms in hospital units
are false or clinically insignificant

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CareSight helps you reduce critical impacts

  • Workplace stress

  • Heightened fall risk

  • Noise distractions

  • Excessive notification

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Reduce the noise and distraction
associated with alarm overload

Alarm Fatigue

See how Alarm Analytics mitigates fall risk

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89% reduction 
in urgently

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86% reduction 
of patient video monitoring notifications

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44% reduction 
of false alarm notifications

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22% reduction 
of patient calls to RNs

(Results from a recent install)

The Power of Insight

Leveraging the information from nearly ALL Patient Monitoring and Alarm vendors enables organizations to eliminate the noise

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Reduce the impact of
Alarm Fatigue

Dramatically reduce false alarms, unnecessary escalations, broadcast noise, and overall alarm quantity

See how other organizations have quieted their environment

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Alarm fatigue
desensitizes staff
and amplifies risk.

TPC selected CareSight as their Alarm Analytics technology partner

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